Books Written By Stephanie

Back in Skinny Jeans

Based on my now retired popular healthy living blog of the same name, Back in Skinny Jeans is a holistic perspective on dieting and weight loss of how I dropped 40 lbs and kept it off that can help you get back into your skinny jeans through tiny acts of healthiness around fitness, food, and feelings.

Enjoy this How-I story from a former yo-yo dieter that stopped chasing the illusion of happily skinny ever after, and created a life filled with healthiness back in her skinny jeans.

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Death of a Road Warrior

Death of a Road Warrior is a memoir about my distressing yet life-opening experience of going on medical leave from my high-paying, glamorous marketing job in Silicon Valley.

This honest tale is a reminder of the essential wisdom of listening to your heart and taking a chance on your dreams. The wreckage in our life can lead you to a path to our calling.

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Be #Awesome on Twitter

Be #awesome on Twitter is for those who want to take their tweeting to another level and grow their personal brand on Twitter by learning some of the habits of a savvy Twitter user who has organically grown a large audience and level of influence in 140 characters.

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